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Arbor Day

On Saturday, March 7, 2020 StreetsLA participated in the City’s annual Arbor Day Celebration.

LA Marathon

On Sunday March 8, 2020 thousands of runners participated in the Los Angeles Marathon and StreetsLA was there to cleanup afterwards.

Speaker: Adel Hagekhalil

On Tuesday, November 5th 2019, StreetsLA held its first ever Global Best Practices Streets Summit.

Mayor Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti helped out at our StreetsLA crew repaving Masselin Ave at Wilshire Blvd., making Los Angeles streets safe, mobile and sustainable.

Pasadena Ave

StreetsLA Crew completes the installation of a median island with decorative river-rock borders designed to enhance safety and enhance the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood.

Hoover Triangle Plaza Phase 2

StreetsLA coordinated the installation of four mature full-size 72" box trees (Ulmus Parvifolia, Chinese Evergreen Elm) to provide shade for the plaza.

Cool Pavement

In June of 2019 we completed our first three neighborhood-level cool pavement projects across the San Fernando Valley, in Canoga Park, Sun Valley and Pacoima. Each project recei

Adel at Tree Summit

On April 26, 2019, StreetsLA's Urban Forestry division held its first ever Tree Summit LA. The midday panel was moderated by Mayor Eric Garcetti which included National Tree Experts. Attendees participated in breakout sessions to discuss trees on private property, parks, open space, and streets while sharing and learning from urban forestry experts from surrounding LA cities.

Tree Summit

Our StreetsLA Urban Forestry crews responded to more than 1,300 tree emergency service requests received by MyLA311. Crews worked tirelessly to clear downed trees from high winds in a span of 48 hrs.