Transit Shelter Enhancement Through Art

Artwork criteria:
1)    Shall be sponsored and produced by a community-based organization
2)    Shall be a static display applied directly to the shelter or directly secured to the shelter
3)    Should be displayed on durable, weather resistant, vandal resistant media that may be easily secured to the shelter if artwork is not directly applied to the shelter.  Finished artwork should be covered with a vandal resistant protective coating to retain its appearance and facilitate cleaning as necessary.
4)    Shall be vetted and accepted by community-based organizations including but not limited to homeowners associations, business improvement districts, etcetera as being representative of their community.
5)    Shall be accepted by City agencies including but not limited to affected Neighborhood Council(s), affected City Council Office(s), the Department of Cultural Affairs, and Department of Public Works
6)    Shall not prominently display the words “STOP”, “DRIVE-IN”, “DANGER”, “YEILD”, or “CAUTION” or any other word, phrase, symbol, or character that might interfere with, mislead, or direct vehicular traffic.
7)    Shall not display commercial, for-profit company names, logos, or symbols nor sponsorship or credit statements for the same.
8)    All costs associated with the development and fabrication of the artwork shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring community organization
9)    The intent of this feature is to utilize the City’s transit shelter(s) as a temporary display space for community-based artwork.  Ownership and copyrights to the artwork displayed on the City’s transit shelter(s) shall be retained by the artist(s) and/or their sponsoring community organization.

Artwork Maintenance:
1)    The City and its Program provider will clean any artwork displayed on transit shelters as a part of the transit shelter’s routine maintenance and all efforts will be made to appropriately maintain the artwork itself. When artwork maintenance exceeds the capability of Program personnel to maintain its appearance, the sponsoring community organization or artist will be contacted to restore the artwork if possible.  The City and its contractor will not be responsible for removing any graffiti or stickers, nor any vandalism or permanent damage to the artwork.

2)    Artwork will be left in place as long as it remains in good condition.  When the artwork condition deteriorates to an unacceptable level, the City and it’s Program provider retain the right to remove the artwork and/or otherwise restore the transit shelter to its original condition.

3)    Every effort will be made to return artwork removed from the City’s transit shelters to the artist and/or sponsoring community organization once removed.  The exception to this is any artwork directly applied (painted) onto the transit shelter structure.  Artwork directly applied to transit shelters shall be removed and/or painted over as necessary to restore the shelter to its original condition.