Street Renewal Division

Robert Sewell Division Manager


Robert Sewell
Division Manager

The Street Renewal Division's (formely known as the Resurfacing and Reconstruction Division) mission is to maintain all improved streets, alleys, and related throughways in perpetually good to excellent condition while providing desirable standards of safety, appearance, and convenience for residents and the traveling public within our jurisdiction. We have a street network comprised of 23,000 lane miles of streets, and 800 miles of alleys. The City of Los Angeles has the largest municipal street system in the nation.

The Street Renewal Division is responsible for maintaining and repairing the city's street system to fulfill the needs of a highly mobile population, while providing desirable standards of safety, appearance and quality. Pavement preservation of the street network is accomplished by the operation of two municipal asphalt plants and through field crews performing cold milling operations, repairing localized base failures, and the total reconstruction and resurfacing of streets and alleys. The division also provides services as the "contractor of choice" to other city agencies for specialized asphalt paving projects that require, on-time, on-budget delivery with assured quality control.