What We Do

In line with Mayor Garcetti's goals to create a safe, livable and sustainable, prosperous and well-run city, StreestLA performs a wide range of planning, construction, maintenance, and enforcement activities to maintain the City’s public works infrastructure and enhance the experience and quality of life of City residents, visitors, and stakeholders. StreetsLA strives to maintain a world class street network through integration, innovation, and inclusion. 

Key Programs

Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation

Our Pavement Preservation Program maintains a street network comprised of 23,000 lane miles and 800 miles of alleys and strives to maintain all improved streets, alleys, and related throughways in perpetually good to excellent condition while providing desirable standards of safety, appearance, and convenience for our residents, businesses, and visitors. 

Street Tree & Median Maintenance

Street Tree Parkway

StreetsLA manages nearly 700,000 street trees growing along 6,500 miles of public roads and parkways as well as plants and shrubs on dedicated streets, center medians and other public ways. The city’s urban forest shades our homes and streets, reduces energy usage, minimizes the “heat island effect”, helps clean the air, and improves property values making City neighborhoods cooler, more livable, and sustainable.  

Street Improvement Construction

Street Improvement Construction

StreetsLA builds streetscape improvements that enhance the safety, accessibility, mobility and community satisfaction.  Street improvements include curb ramps, sidewalks, pedestrian and bike facilities, bus landing facilities, hardscaping and landscaping, and concrete construction to create a more livable and sustainable city. 

Street Sweeping

Street Maintenance Sweeper

StreetsLA cleans 6,500 centerline miles of roadway in one of the largest and most congested municipal street networks in the nation.  Street Sweepers operate daily Citywide using clean, green, energy efficient street sweeping equipment to clean streets and bike lanes in support of the Mayor’s Clean Streets Initiative. This results in clean and aesthetic conditions and protects the environment by reducing storm drain contamination and air pollution.



Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalk Repair

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), StreetsLA repairs approximately 300,000 square feet of broken sidewalk pavement annually and installs ADA compliant access ramps to make the streets of LA readily accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities to improve the accessibility, mobility, and safety on City streets of the disabled and the community at large.


Street Maintenance

Pothole Repair

StreetsLA keeps the roadway surface, concrete curbs and associated structures in good condition by performing minor repairs (such as pothole repairs) to roadways, concrete shrubs, gutters, alleys, storm drains, and unimproved roadways.  It also provides inspection and enforcement of private property weed abatement regulations for unimproved parcels of land to minimize fire, health, and safety hazards.

Complete Streets

Complete Street

As part of the Mayor's Complete Streets Program to improve the safety of corridors in areas with the greatest need for repair, StreetsLA provides street reconstruction, sidewalk repair, and damaged curb and gutter repair to enhance the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists on city streets.

Great Streets

Great Streets

In line with the Mayor's Great Streets Initiative Mayor's Great Streets Initiative to transform streets into corridors of open space, StreetsLA will improve pedestrian crosswalks, construct concrete curb extensions and median islands, install street furniture, and plant trees to make City neighborhoods safe, more accessible and beautiful for all to enjoy.

Investigation & Enforcement

Investigation and Enforcement

StreetsLA provides investigation, enforcement, and regulatory services to protect public property and reduce blight in our community by pro-actively enforcing municipal ordinances and laws. StreetsLA also investigates potential public safety issues with broken sidewalks, curbs and driveway approaches, and oversees the city’s Sidewalk Non-Compliant Vending Program ordinance which took effect January 1, 2019. 


Cool LA - Cooling LA's Neighborhood

Cool LA Logo

In support of the Mayor's "LA's Green New Deal", StreetsLA will continue its innovative Cool Pavement Program to our roadways and parking lots and continue planting and watering trees in residential neighborhoods to help keep LA's neighborhoods cool and make the city more livable and sustainable.  

Street Furniture

StreetsLA Street Furniture

StreetsLA is in charge of a wide range of sidewalk installations that provide for the safety, support and comfort of transit riders, pedestrians and other users of the sidewalk. The most common and recognizable of these are the bus bench and transit shelter, and StreetsLA is expanding and improving the Street Furniture program to help make LA safe, mobile & sustainable.  

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