Urban Forestry FAQs

The following questions are not all-inclusive. For more information regarding these questions or any other Urban Forestry related issues, you may contact the Urban Forestry Division directly at (213) 847-3077.

What is the Urban Forest?

How many trees are there in the Los Angeles Urban Forest?

How large is the street tree population?  

Who is responsible for managing the street trees?

What are the Urban Forestry Division's responsibilities?  

How often does the city prune street trees?

Can I prune a street tree myself?  

How can a citizen request service?  

How soon will my request receive a response?  

What happens after a request is inspected?  

Does the city have tree pruning standards?  

Can I remove a street tree?

After tree pruning, what is done with the green waste?  

Who is responsible for the repair of the sidewalk?

What can the city do if my sidewalk is lifted due to tree roots but I cannot afford to replace the sidewalk? 

Who is responsible for sewer damage caused by tree roots?  

Does the city perform root pruning of the parkway tree?  

How many trees are planted each year in the city?  

How many trees are removed each year?  

What is the process for getting a plant permit?  

Can the property owner plant any tree they choose?  

Can a private citizen do improvements on their own on city maintained median islands?  

What is the relationship between street trees and bird species?

Which species on private property are protected by the city per LAMC Sec. 46?

How do I obtain a permit to remove a protected tree private property tree?  

Can the property owner plant any tree they choose?  

How to care for Ivy and Climbing Vines around the tree trunk?