Urban Forestry Mission, Vision & Values

"People are the Most Important Component of the Urban Forest"


It is the mission of the Urban Forestry Division to serve the residents of the City of Los Angeles by providing timely and efficient emergency services and promote and enforce policies that sustain the health and diversity of trees in the public right of way.


The Urban Forestry Division’s employees are known for providing the city’s friendliest and most professional customer service, delivering prompt and efficient emergency service, and providing a sustainable street tree population.


  1. Safety – The safety of staff and the city’s residents is the first priority
  2. Service – Provide the sity’s best customer service
  3. Quality – Providing courteous, competent, responsive and professional service
  4. Teamwork – The city’s urban forestry needs are met by effective collaboration
  5. Education/Training – UFD desires all of the city’s residents to understand the importance of the city’s urban forest